Where Was The Apple Macintosh Invented

The parentage of the mcintosh is unknown but the snow apple or fameuse fall st lawrence and alexander have been speculated. The 128k memory was not enough and the onboard floppy drive was difficult to use.

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Today the name mcintosh for legal reasons spelled without a capital i or mac is best known as one chosen by jef raskin an employee of apple inc.

Where was the apple macintosh invented. The macintosh did have lisas user friendly gui but was missing some of the more powerful features of the lisa such as multitasking and the 1 mb of memory. However the mac was not brought to market until the beginning of 1984. The macintosh or mac is a series of several lines of personal computers manufactured by apple inc.

Apple completed elimination of the macintosh product name in 1999 when power macintosh was retired with the introduction of the power mac g4. At the time apple refused to license the os or the hardware. The mcintosh is most commonly cultivated in canada the united states and eastern europe.

After the community of the computer nerds at least those who could afford the first mac had satisfied its buying frenzy the sales of the macintosh dropped dramatically to about 5000 units per month. The origin of the mcintosh apple one of the favorite varieties of apple the mcintosh apple or mac as it is sometimes called originated in canada. The imac also marked apples transition from the macintosh name to the more simplistic mac.

That is about 47000 units per month. Now the macintosh was to save apple computers from ruin. In its first business plan of summer 1981 apple had assumed that 22 million macs could be sold between 1982 and 1985.

The first macintosh was introduced on january 24 1984 by steve jobs see the lower photo and it was the first commercially successful personal computer to feature two old known then but still unpopular featuresthe mouse and the graphical user interface rather than the command line interface of its predecessors.

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